Pépinière Pierrefonds offers a complete selection of high quality aggregates ideal for the foundation of any landscaping project.


Screening (Stone dust) – generally used as a bedding to level pavers and patio blocks.

0 – ¾” – gravel for compaction, used as a base for driveways and walkways

¼” (net) – roofing gravel

¾” (net) – drainage gravel, as a base where drainage is needed (i.e. garage base)

½” (net) – mainly used for driveways

*Sold by the ton or 30 kg bags

Sand* – General purpose washed sand for masonry use or playgrounds

*Sold by the ton or 30kg bags

Decorative river stone* and white stone**– Decorative multipurpose stone with different uses in landscaping. Such as covering areas where grass does not grow, as edging around gardens or as part of a water feature in your yard.

We offer the following sizes in river stone: 3/8”, ¾ – 1” & 1 ½-3”

We offer the following sizes in white stone: ½- ¾ “, ¾ – 1” & 1-1½ “

*Sold by the ton or 20kg bags

** Sold only in 20 kg bags

Our aggregates are sold by the ton or bagged (sizes as indicated above) and we offer a convenient delivery* service.

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