It’s that time of year again. Back-to-school specials are out, nights are cooler and the days are shorter. Ready or not, and there is no denying it, we are in the last days of summer. So, how can we prolong our time outdoors?

Try adding a heat source such as a patio flame table or firepit near seating areas to create a comfortable gathering place for friends and family. You will undoubtedly find yourself loving the added comfort and being mesmerized by the flames on those chillier nights

Of course, additional lighting will enhance your landscape and provide added security on those earlier nights. Contemporary or traditional, electric or solar, recessed or spot, no matter your taste or needs, there are so many stylish lighting options to choose from nowadays.

Also, if you thought that the planting season was over, think again. You still have time to create the live privacy screen you’ve been yearning for. Early fall is an ideal time to plant evergreens since you must allow for 6–8 weeks before the soil starts to freeze.